Transformations Universität 2.0

Demands to the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Disclaimer: Below follows a translation of the publizied demands [short version] to the Univeristy Freiburg. In all official and legal manners refer to the original version of this document, publicised in German. 

In light of the global ecological and social crises, humankind finds itself at a critical tipping point. 

At this very moment,  three (3) billion people worldwide are threatened by these crises (IPCC 2022). A collapse of glocal ecosystems is imminent; the collapse of civilization follows. 

Therefore we, the Transformations Universität 2.0, demand that the university, as a central pillar of society, take responsibility in this socio-ecological crisis.

We expect the univeristy administration to represent and act for the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.

Concretely we demand that the university:

    – declare that we are currently in a socio-ecological crisis. This declaration shall be shared with the general public in a written and video statement. 

    – amend Section 2 Part 3 of the Constitution of the University of Freiburg to read as follows: „Unter Wahrung der Wissenschaftsfreiheit gemäß Art. 5 Abs. 3 Grundgesetz (GG) wird Forschung, Lehre, Studium und Weiterbildung auf friedliche und die Lebensgrundlage sichernde Ziele ausgerichtet. Daher verpflichtet sich die Universität, den Schutz der globalen Ökosysteme voranzutreiben und soziale Ungleichheiten global und national zu bekämpfen.“

    The Constitution of the University of Freiburg exists only in German. 

    This amended Version of Article 2 Part 3 translates (inofficially) as: While safeguarding the Freedom of Studies as stated in Article 5. Section 3 of the federal Constition, Research, Studies, Doctrine and further Education will be aligned with peaceful goals that aim for the securing of livelihoods. Therefore, the Univeristy commits itself to the protection of global ecosystems and to further this protection. Furthermore, the univeristy commits itseld to fight social injustice on a global and national level.

    – print this declaration of the socio-ecological crisis on A0 sized posters in noticable, vibrant color, and hang said posters on all entrances and exits of the univeristy buildings. The progress made by the univeristy in these manners stated shall be reviewed by both the Transformations University 2.0 and the univeristy (or representatives thereof) on an annual basis. 

    – publicise and send the above stated declaration to all faculty, staff, students, and other members of the univeristy community as well as associated political, professional and business partners. 

    – adapt and commit itself to a model of transformative science* and that this model will be implemented into the regular course of studies at the university. Therein follows that the intervention of science, in the face of socio-ecological crises, in social and political studies, is justified.

    – appeal to the German federal government to declare a socio-eecological crisis. 

    – appeal on an international level to other states and countries that the Paris Climate Accords must be developed into a global climate contract.